Hi! We're Wayne and Sara Rose. We come to your event and set up the backdrop and Photo Booth!


$500-4 Hours
$1000- Entirety of Event

Fun for any occasion!  An Exciting and Unique Backdrop is created and set up in a designated area of your event.  Fun props and a remote control are placed close to the backdrop where your guests can pose away!  What sets a Photo Booth from Sara Rosebud Photography apart is the number of folks you can fit into the booth since it's an open air Photo Booth (your desired backdrop can be as wide as 10 feet).  Only the highest quality of camera and lighting equipment are used to ensure your images are sharp and printable. Some Photo Booth attendees have ordered up to a 24"x30" print to hang on their wall and it looks amazing! The fun never ends with a Photo Booth from Sara Rosebud Photography, and you get to rummage through crazy pictures your friends make when left to their own devices in front of the camera!  After the event, an online gallery will be presented for your guests to view, and order their favorite prints.  These crazy pictures make for some really great gifts!